Baralaye / Rosch: In Time

June 28th – July 28th 2019
Reception Saturday, June 29th 6-9 pm

The Great Highway Gallery is excited to present Baralaye / Rosch: In Time. Window Installation, sculpture and paintings by Ebitenyefa Baralaye and Brion Nuda Rosch.


Christian Spruell

Through August 11 on our Main Wall

The Ship that Found Herself
We now, held in captivity,
Spring to our bondage nor grieve–
See now, how it is blesseder,
Brothers, to give than receive!
Keep trust, wherefore we were made,
Paying the debt that we owe;
For a clean thrust, and the shear of the blade,
Will carry us where would go.
– Rudyard Kipling


The Great Highway is a fine art gallery and working studio featuring contemporary works in all mediums. The gallery has a deep appreciation for images and ideas that explore where lands meet water.

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