Waves ~of~ Existence

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Now through May 8th the contemporary impressionistic paintings of Sonja Navin, a local sunset resident.

Our bodies tend to speak the truth. No more so than when relaxing at the beach. The surf and sand have an ability to sooth and lull us. This series of paintings explores our ease and the gestures that allow us to let go of self-awareness. Our connectivity to the ebb and flow of shores allows us to shift into postures that we avoid otherwise.

I work to sustain that first glimpse of an image through the process of producing a painting. The many layers of paint are used to first break down an image, then to rebuild it. The result is somewhere between representation and abstraction: when a painting expresses what I cannot with words. I can communicate in a language of my own making.

I started painting as a way to record and study places. This evolved naturally from my work as an architect. I attended the University of Michigan where I received degrees in Architecture and first started painting. I currently live and work in San Francisco.