Inaugural Event at The Great Highway Gallery: RNOP SF

August 30th – September 29th

Thursday, August 30th,  6pm to 10pm

Artist Talk: Saturday, September 8,  7pm

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Pictured Mel Prest, David Rhodes, Nancy White


The Great Highway is excited for our next group exhibition of abstract painters that share reductive art practices.

The RNOP San Francisco event co-curated by San Francisco artist Jessica Snow and Dr Billy Gruner from West PI in Australia marks the entry point of a reknowned Australian/European program now joining with American artists. RNOP, or the Reductive Non Objective Project began one year ago, is now sponsoring its 10th international show. This event is an unmediated cultural engagement between select Bay Area, New York, Australia, and European artists. The stylistic language presented within specific locales is of tremendous interest to an international community of like-minded artists, collectors, curators, and all those who love abstract painting. RNOP brings artists together in various locations, connecting local coteries of contemporary reductive artists to an international circle. All the RNOP exhibitions are participating events in next year’s International Biennale of Non Objective Art in Grenoble, France.


Local artists Connie Goldman, Steuart Pittman, Mel Prest, Jessica Snow and Nancy White are participating in RNOP SF, as well as East Coast artists David Rhodes, Suzan Shutan, Cary Smith and Li Trincere.  From Australia, Billy Gruner, Sarah Keighery and Kyle Jenkins, and from the Netherlands, Iemke van Dijk and Guido Winkler.  Held at The Great Highway Gallery in San Francisco, the RNOP program looks at how and why artists connect through social media and exhibitions, engaging in a lively dialogue about art, and specifically creating a discourse around reductive non-objective painting. After San Francisco, a second event will be held in Cincinnati.


Connie Goldman
@conniegoldman websiteBilly Gruner
@billygruner website

Kyle Jenkins

Sarah Keighery

Steuart Pittman

Mel Prest
@mel_prest_k  website

David Rhodes
@davidrhodesstudio website

Suzan Shutan
@sshutan  websiteCary Smith
@carysmithart website

Jessica Snow
@jessnow01 website

Li Trincere
@litrincere website

lemke van Dijk
@iemkevandijk website

Nancy White
@nancywhite1024  website

Guido Winkler
@guidowinkler website

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