Memo to the Menae

Yasmina Dedijer-Small

Feburary 5th – March 3, 2018

Memo to the MenaeTo encounter the newest painting by Yasmina Dedijer-Small is to be transported to the fragrances and sounds of the streets of Jodhpur. The movement of the population, the jostling, the maneuvering, at warp speed. The cacophony of colors, the swirls, the dark eyes, and that transcendent gossamer light, represented by the lightest overlay of points of white. This is an global painting. This is a global artist.

Yasmina’s art is not superficial. It is not high decoration. Her work embodies codes and descriptions of the primal and eternal weaves of life, from macro to micro, from nature to cultures. The weave unfolds and folds in sinuous patterns of nature and people. Whether illustrating cellular structures or the seemingly random but clearly mathematical arrangements of matter in deep space or the ancient beginnings of a contemporary indigenous tribal folk dance, she is articulate and lush.
About theMemo to the Menae Artist
Yasmina Dedijer-Small, with immediate family roots in Yugoslavia, was born in Venice, California in 1975. Her travels are global. She currently lives and works in San Diego, CA. She received a Bachelor of Fine Art from San Jose University. Recent exhibitions include Leeward Surf and Sea (Portland, OR), The Great Highway Gallery (San Francisco)  Newport Visual Art Center (Newport, OR) Wieden & Kennedy Gallery (Portland, OR), H Space (Costa Mesa, CA) , The Grasshut (Portland, OR), The Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History (Santa Cruz, CA), and at La Kitchen (Paris, France). Her work has been published several times in Japan’s “Blue” magazine, The Surfer’s Journal, Salted, and Foam Symmetry.